Cut The Rope: Time Travel Review

Cut The Rope: Time Travel is a physics puzzler from ZeptoLabs as a new entry to its established Cut The Rope franchise, previously composed of Cut The Rope and Cut The Rope: Experiments. In the game, you are to cut ropes to feed candies to Om Noms. Realistic physical simulation, great background soundtrack as well as wonderfully animated Om Noms together with catchy gameplay and some new twists secure a even better experience than the previous two are capable of.

What kind of monster is Om Nom, the green all over and big-eyed creature with a horn in the middle of its oval unhaired head? We don’t know. We have so little knowledge of them, but one thing is for sure: the species has a weakness toward candies. Previously we thought there was only one of it, but now more of them (two at a time–one is Om Nom we used to know and the other is invariably one of his ancestors) are popping out in Cut The Rope: Time Travel, all craving for candies.

You don’t necessarily have to feed them, but you just won’t have the heart to turn away when you see how their eyes brighten and keep fixed at the candies, which are placed at impossible places for them to reach. As you see, they are especially short-handed and short-legged innocuous creatures who have no other penchants save for eating candies. Human beings are perhaps instinctually willing to help those weak parties. That explains for why there are so many people cutting ropes. Ropes? Oh, I forgot to make it across to newbies of this franchise. The candies are all tied by ropes and what you can do for Om Noms is make the candies drop tor fly to their mouths.

In the game’s world, Om Nom is sucked into a time traveling machine and will meet his ancestors from all ages at different places where candies-their favorite-are strangely and excruciatingly placed beyond their reach. You may give them a hand while having fun. At the preliminary levels, delivering the candies to their mouth is a breeze, but as you level up, cutting ropes can be especially tricky. There are a series of obstacles in this puzzler, including spinning blades, spikes bombs and bubbles etc. If the spinning blades hit your candies, the game is over; if your candy crush into a spike, you are to start all over, and if a bubble enfolds your candy, it flies upward. However, in most cases, you cannot do without those hindrances. You must make them work for your advantage. By using them to your advantage, I mean you have to time your move really well. A rope untimely cut may result in an unsolvable dilemma, and a bubble inadvertently popped can sink the candy and your only way out hopelessly. So timing and accuracy is of crucial importance in Cut The Rope: Time Travel.

For each level, there are altogether 16 puzzlers, where you have to tackle with the aforementioned hindrance and make skillful use of the available assistance, like a time freezing machine which allows you to transfix a scene and cut ropes as usual. There are 3 stars to gather. Based on how much time you have spent and how many score you have gathered, you are given a score when you successfully solve a puzzle. A new historic period will be unlocked for you after the completion of a certain number of puzzles within one level. Meanwhile as your scale up, you are awarded with energies, which can be used to protect your candies get caught by harmful objects. As you can see gameplay here is really simple, and there are not many changes compared with previous two titles, but still the game is fun to play.

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