Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon Review

Social game developer Kabam has brought their popular browser-based strategy game Dragons of Atlantis to iPhone and iPad. The ported iOS version named Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon has been free for downloading in App store in Canada since April 17, 2013, and will soon hit the App store in the US.

Since this new iOS game does not share data with the earlier browser-based version, veteran players who want to experience it on mobile devices will have to start freshly from scratch. This game is still a strategy empire-building game featuring 2D graphics and 3D dragons, with only some slight modifications. For example, there is no tribe choice. While the main story keeps the original as your main goal is to rebuild a ruined city on the lost land of Atlantis, rais and train your own dragon and battle with the savage Anthropus.

By following a succession of guides and instructions from the quest list, you will be doing all kinds of reconstruction work in an empty city to restore a once-almighty ancient power to full strength. Like all Kabam’s strategy games The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, Kingdom of Camelot, Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon also supports portrait screen mode only and it has three views, city, resource and world. You must maximize your efforts to develop your empire and train as much as troops during the 7-day newbie protection period.

In the city view, you can build and upgrade functional architectures with different purposes including increasing population, raising the dragon, collecting taxes, researching ancient technology, and training army. The resource view is where you locate all sorts of resource-generating facilities. In the world view, you can take an overall look at the entire lost continent where you will be conquering the wilderness to boost resource production, looting Anthropus camps, and attacking the other players. Since the whole point for playing games of the similar genre is to go to war eventually, this view is where you will find the major fun and enjoyment. To be honest, the layout of the whole interface gives you a pretty familiar feel of what you were playing a new server of Kingdoms of Camelot. There is not much to speak of, but if you were a fan of Kabam or its games, you must feel at home to do whatever you can imagine.

As indicated by the title, the pet dragon is a highlight of the game as well as a key factor in the impending warfare. Every player gets one mighty dragon egg that hatches upon starting the game. By upgrading the Dragon Keep, you can teach it assorted skills and equip it to enhance its stats and combat performance. A well-trained and fully equipped dragon can be commanded into battle and do you a great favor in both defending and attacking. You can also teach it tricks like roaring and spitting fire, which, although will not be causing any actual effect regarding its combat abilities, is quite amusing.

Social features in this game include creating and joining an alliance to make friends and share or transport resources, looting each other’s cities, and climb up for the Leaderboard, from where you can view other player’s ranking and yours regarding the overall might.

As usual, the game provides in-App purchases of the hard currency, the Ruby, which can be widely applied in a built-in store, and can be also used to pay for expediting items, dragon equipments, resources and other sorts of boosts and power-ups.

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