Dungeon Hunter 4 Review

Dungeon Hunter 4 is a new RPG from Gameloft, a veteran game creator behind lots of popular names like Order & Chaos Duels and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. As a new entry to the Dungeon Hunter series, the game will presumably hit a new high with its imaginative mix of enthralling explorations and high-octane fighting, not to mention its highly polished 3D aesthetic and dramatic sound effects.

What are these ghoulish yellow-skinned quadrupeds with sharp claws, piercing fangs and glowing eyes? Five something of them are dashing towards me at a lightning speed from all sides, howling and glowing with bloodlust. Unfortunately, I am destined to fall into their prey. In the blink of an eye, a gush of blood erupts from my chest and I can see a deluge of even more deadly attacks would land on me if there was nothing to stave them off. There is no time to lose! I get hold of my sword, rush to a nearby beast, and hack as fast as I could. However, that is not enough to even the odds, as I am hopelessly outnumbered. My health is plummeting and I cannot hold out any longer this way… It is time for me to show my battling prowess. Charging into the center of this ferocious pack, I cast a spell of damnation and in a second, they are all burned into ashes. Picking of the golds left behind this cutthroat combat, I move on, only to find an even more dreadful race waiting nor far away…

Dungeon Hunters 4 is awash with similar scenes, and one beauty of this game is that they are all stringed together as natural sequences in a breathtaking storyline driven by hazardous yet thrilling adventures. Legend holds it that the brave Vallens had battling for eons to drive diabolical demons away from the land of Valenthia. Victory was almost in their hands, when their foes rose again and rolled back again without a warning, decimating everything that lies in their way. Waking up unhurt and miraculously blessed with tremendous power and great skills, you are the last ray of hope for this kingdom.

Thrust into this valiant and powerful role, you may choose among four classes which are gifted in different way. Battleworns are heavily armored and equipped with broadsword. With great strength and valor, they make the best choice when it comes to close-up melees. Bladmasters are martial artists who are extremely deft with swords. Additionally, they also wield impressive magic which allows them to become invisible and sap energy from foes. Warmages and Sentinels are also great fighters fit for different combat scenarios.

Talking of combat scenarios, you will never run out of them in this game. A vast world map promises dozens of quests that are sprinkled with perils. Flags are placed on the map to indicate the lands you will tread on your adventures. Multitudinous themes characterize your quests, ranging from sending a parchment to a Valenthia general to clearing all the demons in a windmill etc. For each quest, you are assigned some missions. For instance, in order to accomplish your objective to clear the windmill of demons, you have to destroy 3 demonic spawners, kill 50 Hellion warriors and defeat 10 demon champions.

When you are face to face with enemies, you may choose to attack them with your sword, which is the most expedient and reliable fighting manner. But when this cannot secure your safety, you may resort to your skills which are divided into three categories, namely active skills, passive skills and spirit spells. At the beginning, you may not have very powerful ones, but your enemies are relatively weaker too. As you level up, you are awarded with skill points which can be used to buy newly unlocked skills. Do not be mistaken that skill points are the only rewards. You can pick up gold coins which can be used to purchase a great array of weapons, gears and boosts. Occasionally you come by rare items that may help you in one way or another, like using them to craft more powerful ones. Apart from that your character’s stats will be increased in terms of health and energy. Regular RPG players will not be unfamiliar to the importance of health and energy. Getting injured will lose you some health, and when it is gone, you will either wait for a long time or bypass with hard currency to revive once you have used up the three health potions for free. It takes energy to launch skills which invariably go through a cooldown afterwards.

Game control is simple and clear in general through it wants improvement in response. A thumbstick on the bottom left enables you to mobilize in every direction, and the icons on the bottom right allow you to launch attacks and skills. However, the control pad is not very responsive sometimes, especially when your character needs high flexibility to deal with attackers from every possible side. I am afraid I am asking too much in this aspect, especially when I find the game even takes the pain to allow gamers to customize the control. You may place the thumbsticks and icons anywhere you like on the interface. That’s something. When you are lost on your way, there is always a considerate miniature map on the top to give you hint, which makes this game really a player-friendly one.

In addition to the solo quest mode, Dungeon Hunter 4 also offers you multiplayer experience by allowing you to connect with online and local players, which is a continuation of the franchise’s last entry. You may login Facebook and GL Live to team up with your friends and share your achievements, which is a great social feature.

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